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Southlake Spanish Geometric

Pool with Fire Bar 

2014 APSP Region3 Gold Geometric Award
2013 APSP International Silver Award
Project Designed by Mike Farley
Constructed by Claffey Pools

Before & After

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Project Details - How do we put together a geometric puzzle together?  The clients wanted a Spanish style home and patio area.  The spa was designed as a freestanding rectangular fountain and the pool was a geometric shaped recreational pool. The spa was raised 6 inches above the pool to allow for the spa overflow to return into the pool through undergraound piping. The patio elevation changes on the master side of the spa to tie in with the master patio cover elevation.  Plants & grass ribbons breaks the covered tiled porch from the pool patio.  Salt deck was used for the pool patio to give an aged appearance to the patio.  It was also used on all the steps to provide good traction & blend the materials.  Grass ribbons accented the walkway space but left large patio areas intact for flexible furniture placement.  A tumbled travertine was used for the coping to increase traction & gibe an aged look as well.  Custom travertine pieces were used on the eighteen inch and twenty four inch coping to keep the uniform 24 inch length.  The veneers were done in stone to match the home except for the vanishing edge basin and waterline Spanish tile.


The fire bar sitting area allows the family to gather and enjoy the view of the gardens or the pool.  The wrap around steps allows us to transition down to the grass swale between the barn and home.  The existing farm barn was painted to matte the grass ribbons and patio.  Puzzle complete for a Spanish home, pool & gardens. 

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