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How Mike Got Started:

Mike's passion for the outdoors is remembered from a newspaper clip of him playing in his Grandparent's yard & bird bath when they won "Outstanding Yard of Wall Township".  He always wanted to build & create things - The "King of Lincoln Logs".  He was going to be a great Residential Architect - always about creating the home.



  •  1983 Texas Certified Nurseryman

  • BS Texas Tech Landscape Architecture 1985

  • California Landscape Arthitect (#3808 1993-2013)

  • APSP Certified Building Professional (CBP) 2002-current

  • Has attended classes at Regional & International Pool Shows since 1998. (Over 250 hours of certification training)

  • SWD certification from Genesis 3 2011-2020

  • Tributary Revelation - 2020

  • Reading Hundreds of Books

Classes Mike's Taught

2020 - APSP Region3 " Residential Resorts"


2019 - PSP International "Advanced Pool Design"

and "The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge"

APSP Region 3- "Advanced Pool Design"

2018 - PSP International " How To Win Your Client"   

" and "The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge"

APSP Region 3 - "How To Win Your Client"

2017 - PSP International "Designing From Simple To Simply Amazing "  

APSP Region 3 & Atlantic City "Designing From Simple To Simply Amazing"

2016 -  PSP International & Region3 "New Custom Pool Trends -

The Architectural Pool"

2015 - PSP International & Region3 "Designing on Hillsides"

2013 - PSP International "Designing Big in Small Spaces" and "Outdoor Living"

2010 - NSPI Regional Show

2009 Show "Designing Pools from Templates to the Taj Mahal"

2006 -12 APSP CBP Certified Buiding Professional Program - Pool Construction Section

2005 NSPI Region3 Conference "There's No Oasis Without Green"

2004 NSPI National Show

2003 NSPI National Show

2002 NSPI International Show "Landscaping Around Pools"

1995-8 Davis Art Center - Landscape Design

Name, Title

Mike's Other Passion: 

Giving Back: Higher Ground

Mike has been taking backpacking trips with youth groups since 1979 in either the Winimuche Wilderness, Tahoe or the Trinity Alps (When he lived in CA).  For the last 20 years he has run "Higher Ground" working with churches from Denton and McKinney.  Higher Ground Backpacking is an outreach to Middle & High school kids looking for an exciting adventure while building their faith in God.  They enjoy a one week backpacking trip through  the beautiful Colorado mountains  in a 60 square mile area of the Winimuche wilderness.  

It  is life changing, but easily the most rewarding experience of a teen's life! This takes up 10 days in either July or August - depending on the trip.  He is a NOLS alumni, takes wilderness medical training and outfits the group with equipment & prepares the delicious food for the group.

What Pool Clients Say:

What Clients say:

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All pool projects shown were designed by Mike Farley & constructed by Claffey Pools unless otherwise noted.