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Freeform Westlake Pool with

Privacy Water Wall 

& Spa Oasis

Project Designed by Mike Farley

Constructed by Claffey Pools


Before & After:

Project Details - On the hilltop privacy was created by the trees, however, the grading of the home had eliminated many key trees. The desire for privacy and a unique water feature created the raised wall water bowl, spillway feature. This blocked the views from the master, kitchen and great room of the new home behind and gave a great focal point. The pool had to be close to the house or more trees would have to be removed. Because of the fill dirt the pool had to be piered. The spa with glass rolled edge was the focal point outside the great room and the covered fireplace patio. The silver tavertine compliments the interior colors and was used to cap the porch and the coping. The veneers matched the home stone color and pattern. The spa spillway and wall spillway were smoke limestone with a chipped edge to compliment the travertine but give a better sound. The fire pit glass blended with the pool and gave a great private place to gather with the landscaped backdrop. 

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