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Southlake Reflective
Perimeter Overflow Pool
with Vanishing Edge and Flush Spa


Project Designed by Mike Farley

Constructed by Claffey Pools

2021 PHTA International Silver Award

of Excellence Winner

Before & After:

Project Details

We wanted to keep the Oaks Trees. The simple tree circle transitions from the

house to the rectangular diving pool. The planter pedestals were on the family room

and front doors sightlines also helping the step transitions the grade change. The

walls, masonry blends with the home because the same masonry crew was used.

We supplied the precast balustrades for the cabana so they would match the railing

for the upper lawn terrace. The balustrades screened the more natural landscaped

area from the heavily landscape zone by the house. The diving board, balustrades,

pavers and house stone all blend together and contrast with the dark reflective

perimeter overflow. The Versailles Travertine pattern pavers were used to cap the

covered porches and the cabana floor to further unify the space. The corner spa

gives visibility of the cabana and the cabana fireplace. It also helps the rectangular

pool transition the angled cabana and game room porch together. The whole pool

structure was built on piers with void boxes to minimize the soil movement

from affecting the precise perimeter overflow feature. The vanishing edge tank was

placed halfway down the 8 foot drop with a patio so you could enjoy the visual

corner of water reflecting the house lighting or sunset glow on the black reflective

surface. The large turf area provides additional gathering space and softens the

transition to the rest of the property. The pool, landscape and home has created

the space the owner loves to share with others for all the family and friends


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