Fort Worth Extreme Hillside

Pool, Spa and Cabana

2018 - APSP International GOLD Award

2018 - APSP Region 3 GOLD Award

for Engineering


Before & After
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Project Details - For years the backyard was unusable.

A corner lot with over 30' of drop it was only the dogs playground. The

trees provided the only privacy and had to stay. The

power to the home was rerouted below grade and part of the driveway removed to

place the cabana on the upper terrace centered on the kitchen door. It was large

enough for a dining table and chairs and a couch by the fireplace. Curtains were

used to create additional shade and privacy. The kitchen was located under the

large roof overhang between the house and the cabana. Terraces connected the

outdoor living area and the existing family room wood raised deck. The pool was

set down 10 feet below to be level with the existing patio off the walkout basement

and so no piers were needed per the engineer. The spa was located on the middle

terrace above the pool, one of the six different levels. The pool was for activity and

exercise so long and narrow worked between the house and tree. Artificial turf was

used instead of paving to give a garden feel and still provide function to sitting areas

on 3 terraces. Stucco and Spanish tile were incorporated to tie in with the Spanish

style interior. The rainfalls gave a great sound and are less effected by the wind 4'

above the pool. The greatest surprise was the water from the front yard was

draining under the house and the pool walls would dam the flow so a drain system

had to be added to deal with the water. The other surprise is this backyard is a total

awesome place for gatherings and activities now.

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All pool projects shown were designed by Mike Farley & constructed by Claffey Pools unless otherwise noted.